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Tooth Extractions as the Viable Solution to Dental Problems

There are times when no amount of fillings, root canal therapies, and other corrective procedures can help save an infected tooth. If you’re suffering from such a case, extracting your tooth is the only option left.

At Farmington Avenue Dental Care, our dentists will numb the area with anesthesia to reduce pain and prescribe antibiotics to avoid infections. Call us today and get a FREE consultation.

It’s Not as Painful as You Think

Powerful sedatives and anesthetics have made tooth extractions far less painful than earlier. You may feel little to no discomfort once the procedure is completed.

Care for the Extraction Area Well

Proper care is required during the healing period and this includes avoiding post-operation smoking, vigorous brushing, rinsing, and drinking through a straw as these may open up the wound. Add a cold compress to the cheek near the extraction area to reduce swelling.

Is Your Wisdom Tooth Painful?

This happens because the wisdom tooth has grown too close to the permanent teeth, resulting in crowding, unaligned bites, and other problems. You’ll experience intense pain, facial swelling, infection, and uneasiness around your wisdom tooth area in such cases.

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Qyshawn W.
Qyshawn W.
21:31 01 Nov 21
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Natasha S.
21:52 15 Sep 21
Excellent staff. Professional, caring and engaging. A wonderful experience.
Leslie T.
Leslie T.
23:28 12 Apr 21
Everyone is very professional! All my experiences have been positive. The staff have gone above and beyond to make myself and my daughter feel at ease. I would highly recommend this dental office!

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